Archives from February, 2010

Feb 10

The Olympics Are Over! Now What?

This malady was first discovered by doctors at the Ralph Klein University, shortly after the ‘88 Calgary Olympics. It’s called POVBD, or Post Olympic Vacant Brain Syndrome.

Feb 10

American Healthcare 2.0

U.S. President Barack Obama hosted a summit at the Whitehouse last week, trying to get Congress to pass his new, latest healthcare package, now with added lemon, and fortified with Vitamin D and aloe vera.

Feb 10

Podcast: Feb 26, 2010

Newfoundland’s Danny Williams goes to the US, PM Brown the Bully, Celine Dion tries to score with a petri dish, and Obama’s health care plans sound different??

Feb 10

Vancouver Olympics: Let the Sun Shine!

Oh sure, we could have had more snow up on Cypress, but look at this place. Have you seen the shots on CTV from the broadcast centre? It’s like tourism porn.