Take a Pill

We get so many emails sent to Double Exposure Radio with confused people looking for answers to all of life’s questions. Why they write to us and not to experts is unknown, perhaps it is because we once took the Pink Jeep tour in Sedona and had a vision while standing in the Boynton Canyon Vortex. I had a blinding vision that I would soon need a washroom stop and, sure enough, it came true. Maybe that’s why people flock to us for answers, as opposed to the idea that comedians are just naturally smart. Anyway, I’ll share some of those emails with you and maybe you’ll be made wiser.

   Here’s one from Gardenia Feldman of Downview which is in Upstate New York. She writes, “Dear Double Exposure. I am an elderly woman who has just returned from a visit to my doctor. He recommends that I start taking Premarin. I asked what Premarin is and he said they get it from the urine of mayors. I am outraged! Haven’t politicians sunk low enough that they would now start selling their urine and piss away more of their day filling up Styrofoam cups for the labs. What action do you think I should take?”

   Well, Gardenia, let’s start with this advice; if you are confused, you should always ask your doctor questions rather than just walk out upset. You see, you misheard where these pills come from. They come from mares, not mayors, you know female horses. In fact, you should be even more upset with that because these are also pregnant female horses and how they get the urine from them to make these estrogen pills has created a lot of controversy. Okay? Remember, no elected officials have ever been known to spend their days filling up buckets of urine, although, God knows, they’ve certainly flushed a lot of taxpayer’s dollars down toilets. Hey! Thanks for writing.

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