Today in Hystery December 30th

   On this day in 1731, the first music concert held in the United States took place in Peter Pelham’s great room in Boston. Reviews of the concert said it was the best concert they’d ever seen!

   On this day in 1817, the first coffee was planted in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Now, be honest, is there a more enticing elixir at 8am, anywhere in the world, than someone handing you a cup of Kona Coffee? Okay, single malt Scotch in front of a crackling fire, right, but I’m putting the Kona coffee second.

   On this day in 1908, in the Stanley Cup Finals (On December 30th??!!), that legendary hockey team, the Montreal Wanderers, outscored Edmonton 13-10 in a two game series. So what did Canadians do for the rest of the winter back then? Play Canasta?

   On this day in 1932, well, I’m putting this one in just for our English fans mainly because they’ll be the only ones who understand it, “Bradman out for a duck versus England at cricket MCG.” I don’t understand the game of cricket but I had no idea you could go for a duck while the game was on.

   On this day in 1941, gangster Al Capone’s son got married in Miami Beach. Al Capone might have been an imaginative gangster, but his creativity didn’t extend to naming his children. The one who got married was named “Sonny”.

   On this day in 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrived in Ottawa and made a speech to Canada’s parliament which included that famous line; “Hitler thought that England would have her neck wrung like a chicken… Some chicken… some neck.” Well, not since Jay Leno announced that he was moving to prime time, has the world heard laughter like that.

   On this day in 1967, the Beatles’ single “Hello Goodbye,” went #1 and stayed #1 for 3 weeks, despite the fact that it contains the lyrics “You say goodbye and I say hello. Hello, hello. I don’t know why you say goodbye. I say hello.

   If your birthday is December 30th, you share it with Stephen Leacock who was born on this day in 1869. They give out a prize for humour every year, in his name, in Orillia, Ontario. Leacock, altogether, wrote 60 humour books! How could one person find so many funny things to write about? Maybe it was because he was an economist.

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