Today in Hystery January 5th

   On this day in 1531, Pope Clemens the 7th forbade the English King Henry the 8th to re-marry. Henry was so mad; he decided to start his own church. So, the question still lingers to this day; is it right to start a church while you’re in a huff?

   On this day in 1800, the first Swedenborg temple in the United States held its first service. Believe it or not, this is a religion started by a guy named Swedenborg who, naturally, came from Sweden. Swedenborg said he started the new church because God had spoken to him. I suppose he was trying to compete with Moses who God spoke to through a burning bush. In Swedenborg’s case, though, God probably spoke to him through a flaming cheese fondue.

   On this day in 1840, government records revealed that there were 95,820 licensed pubs in England, all serving hundreds of thousands of pints of beer every night. In England in 1840, the bushes outside pubs would be best described as ‘well-watered’.

   On this day in 1910, the world famous Montreal Canadiens played their first hockey game and started a storied history filled with many Stanley Cups. Now, a lot of people outside Quebec don’t know what the logo on the front of the Canadiens’ jerseys means; the iconic “CH”. There are some people, let’s say folks with lower IQs, who believe the ‘CH’ stands for “Centre Hice”. This is incorrect. Here’s what the logo really means, so write it down; “Club de hockey Canadien.” Consider yourself illuminated.

   On this day in in 1930, Mao Tse-tung wrote his famous book entitled “A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire”. This was followed up by his next literary smash entitled “Always Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street” and to finish the trilogy, Mao wrote his final volume called “Never Take a Wooden Nickel.”

   On this day in 1945, the most celebrated skunk in movie history, Pepe LePew, made his debut in the Warner Bros cartoon “Odor-able Kitty”. I’ll grant you this wasn’t the biggest event of 1945, but compared to things like the atom bomb dropping on Hiroshima, I thought you’d enjoy knowing about Pepe LePew.

   If your birthday is January 5th, you share it with actor Robert Duvall who was born on this day in 1931. Thanks to Robert Duvall, millions of us around the world can wake up each day and proudly say, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning!”

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