Today in Hystery January 22nd

   On this day in 1521, Emperor Charles the 5th opened the Diet of Worms. Now, I have to explain what this is. The Diet (Dee-et) in the city of Worms in Germany, was an enquiry that took place because Martin Luther was starting up Protestantism and the Pope didn’t like it. For those of you who thought it was about someone living on a diet of worms, actually that’s what the Pope suggested that Martin Luther do.

   On this day in 1877, Arthur Tooth, an Anglican clergyman was taken into custody after being prosecuted for using ritualistic practices. For example, in his services he used incense and altar candles. What!? Arrest that man! And so, Arthur Tooth was pulled.

   On this day in 1931, Sir Isaac Isaacs was sworn in as the first Australian-born Governor-General of Australia. How someone ends up with a name like Isaac Isaacs could only happen if the father stuttered at the Baptism.

   On this day in 1946, U.S. president Harry Truman set up the Central Intelligence Agency. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting. Wait a minute! That was no fly!

   On this day in 1951, Fidel Castro was ejected from a baseball game in the Cuban Winter League after beaning a batter. That’s right, in his early days, Fidel was a baseball player and some say he was almost signed by the New York Yankees! However, Fidel made his choice which you probably all know as the famous chant, “Cuba si, Yankees, no!”

   On this day in 1963, the Elysée treaty of cooperation between France and Germany was signed by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer. Despite what some of you may think, Adenaur was the Chancellor of Germany, not the guy who started Daylight Savings Time.

   On this day in 1976, bank robbers in Beirut stole a record $50 million from a bank. In Lebanon, $50 million is also known as the Gross Domestic Product.

   On this day in 1992, on a British Airways flight to London, Sarah Ferguson, the Dutchess of York sat in First Class throwing packets of sugar at the other First Class passengers and made bird noises, all this while she had a paper bag over her head. Buckingham Palace was asked about the incident and said that she was “under a great deal of stress”. Sure, but I’m betting she was also under a great deal of Henkel Trocken.

   If your birthday is January 22nd, you share it with actress Linda Blair who was born on this day in 1959. I don’t know how well she’ll be remembered as an actress, but, after she did “The Exorcist”, she will certainly be remembered for introducing the silver screen to projectile green vomit.

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