Archives from March, 2011

Mar 11

Today in Hystery April 1st

“On this day in 1868, Canadians celebrated their first April Fools Day or as they call it in Quebec, Poisson D’avril which means “Fish of April”. I kid you not. So I wish that whatever happens to you today, you don’t end up smelling like a fish.”

Mar 11

Today in Hystery March 31st

“On this day in 1975, the CN Tower in Toronto reached 555.35 metres in height or 1822 feet, becoming the world’s tallest freestanding structure; there was nothing higher than that except for the snowboarders sitting in Whistler enjoying some BC Bud.”

Mar 11

Today in Hystery March 30th

“On this day in 1992, the 64th Academy Awards took place. The big winner, as Best Picture, was “The Silence of the Lambs”. Everybody rushed out to see it, well, except my neighbor, Bob who never went to the movies. He only saw the ads. He said to me, “Why would I see a movie about a hockey goalie who eats people?”

Mar 11

Today in Hystery March 29th

“On this day in 1795, Ludwig von Beethoven, 24 years old, debuted as a pianist in Vienna. I believe he was playing at a smoky bar in the Hietzing District. He was half way through his 5th Symphony when a man came up to his piano, dropped a handful of Pfenniges in his tip jar and said, “Man! What are you doin’ here?”