Mayan Horror Daily Blog November 11th

My new book “Mayan Horror: How to Survive the End of the World in 2012” is a satire and a parody. It’s a satire of the hysteria that many people work themselves into when someone suggests the world will end on a certain date. The book pokes fun at many things, including politics, and here’s my point today, especially today, Remembrance Day. When you live in a free country, a country that protects the rights of its citizens to things like freedom of expression, or freedom of speech, you are reaping the rewards that someone fought for and, too often, gave their life for. I’ve been taking the mickey out of all sorts of organizations and people for many years and I wouldn’t have been allowed to do it without those who sacrificed their lives to keep Canada a free country. Imagine being a political comedian in Iran or Somalia, or North Korea, countries where the citizens have no individual rights. I would have long since been strung up somewhere and left as buzzard food. So, on Remembrance Day, I am always grateful to Royal Navy sailors like my Dad who watched the Japanese surrender on his ship, Royal Marines like my uncle who has never told anyone where he went on those ‘special missions’, or soldiers like Linda’s Dad who survived Dunkirk only to rejoin and end up landing at Normandy on D-Day. These people and millions more went off to war to let me write funny books today. I thank them again.

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