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Dec 11

Mayan Horror December 31st

“I’ll leave you with this thought; here on our Pitt Meadows campus, I double as both the lead scientist at the Armageddon Lab and head coach of our football team, the Pitts. As such, I have to deal with both the long count and the short snap. Get caught off guard with either and you will have a serious protection breakdown, a mess in your backfield and, ultimately, you will be sacked. Read this book. It just might save your life.”

Dec 11

Mayan Horror December 30th

““The book also shows you how to start a government from scratch and avoid common pitfalls like ending up with a right wing, micro-managing megalomaniac as leader. It’s all here. As I write this now, our team is working on a wind tunnel simulation of the Outbreak of Boils scenario. Anything is possible once that Mayan Calendar stops.”

Dec 11

Mayan Horror December 29th

“Bob Robertson has covered all the possible scenarios that a planet-ending catastrophe could bring to humanity, from the ubiquitous monster earthquakes to the more obscure downpour of frogs and salamanders.”

Dec 11

Mayan Horror December 28th

“His award-winning documentary about Pompeii, “Running Quickly in Sandals”, won the Caligula Prize for Pallid Writing at the Win By Luck Festival in Come By Chance, Newfoundland.”