Breaking Weekly Fundraising Campaign


We want to create a comedy news parody series that mixes satire with animation called, Breaking Weekly

You can read all about it when you click on the link at the bottom. Before creating the series, we need to raise money to produce a short pilot/demo to show potential broadcasters exactly what it will look like. To do that we have created a campaign with a crowd funding website called Indiegogo. We’re asking for your help financially and otherwise to make this pilot happen.

If Breaking Weekly was on the air now, you’d be enjoying jokes like this;

Michael Sona, the Robocalls perpetrator has been sentenced to 9 months. So our country has one Conservative in jail. In Canada we call that a good start

Our campaign has 53 days left to raise the money. How much do we need? Find out that and everything else you need to know about our project by clicking this link;

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