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May 11

Today in Hystery May 10th

“On this day in 1931, a severe hailstorm fell on Burlington, New Jersey. People said the hail was the size of golf balls, which caused some slides with rocks the size of grapefruit, which covered an area the size of two football fields and shook the city so hard people said it felt like a train going through their basement.”

Mar 11

Today in Hystery March 14th

“On this day in 1812, the U.S. Congress authorized war bonds to finance the War of 1812, the war against Canada, which by the way, Canada won, even marching on Washington and burning down the Whitehouse. The lesson is obvious; don’t piss the Canadians off!”

Jan 11

Today in Hystery January 4th

   On this day in 1642, King Charles the first, along with 400 soldiers attacked the English parliament. It was an unfair fight. The soldiers used their weapons; bows and arrows, swords and battle axes. The parliamentarians used their weapons; jeers, catcalls, procedural votes and general desk thumping. They were slaughtered.
   On this day in [...]

Dec 10

Today in Hystery December 28th

“On this day in 1956, the last Ding Dong School episode played on NBC-TV and all the kids said goodbye to Miss Frances. I never got to see that show, although I definitely spent Junior High at a Ding Dong school.”