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Nov 14

Ex CBC Radio stars Plan New Comedy Series

“The Centers for Disease Control has instructed U.S. airlines that, if a passenger with Ebola-like symptoms vomits and passes out on a flight, they must not attempt to revive them. Asked if the crew of an Air Canada plane would refuse to resuscitate an unconscious Ebola victim, an Air Canada spokesman replied, “Only in Tango Class, although for an extra $5 you can get complete CPR.”

Nov 14

Breaking Weekly Fundraising Campaign

“So Russia has now signed a nuclear supply agreement with Iran. And the rest of the world sits back and lets it happen. Do they not realize that Russia supplying Iran with nuclear materials is like letting Bill Cosby judge the Miss Universe tournament? Waaayy too much spent fuel!”

Nov 14


This is an updated version of our original, with one change in music.  Voiced by Bob Robertson & Linda Cullen.  Produced by Linda Cullen

Oct 14

Double Exposure rocks the Big Tent in Charlottetown, August 5th, 2014

Double Exposure (Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen) performed their special comedy show “The History of Canada And Other Hilarious Stuff” in the Celebration Zone on the waterfront in Charlottetown. The show was part of the 150th anniversary celebrations for the Charlottetown Conference which led, three years later to Canada’s Confederation.