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Nov 14

Ex CBC Radio stars Plan New Comedy Series

“The Centers for Disease Control has instructed U.S. airlines that, if a passenger with Ebola-like symptoms vomits and passes out on a flight, they must not attempt to revive them. Asked if the crew of an Air Canada plane would refuse to resuscitate an unconscious Ebola victim, an Air Canada spokesman replied, “Only in Tango Class, although for an extra $5 you can get complete CPR.”

Nov 14

Breaking Weekly Fundraising Campaign

“So Russia has now signed a nuclear supply agreement with Iran. And the rest of the world sits back and lets it happen. Do they not realize that Russia supplying Iran with nuclear materials is like letting Bill Cosby judge the Miss Universe tournament? Waaayy too much spent fuel!”

May 12

Ten Percent of Canadians Believe the World Will End

“Anyway, the Diefenbunker would have totally protected Mr. Diefenbaker from any jowl-rattling blast. These days, deep down in the bowels of the bunker, under picturesque Carp, you can take a tour where you’ll see the Prime Minister’s suite including the Diefenbunkbed where Diefenbaker would have Diefendropped off to sleep after a hard day of Diefenbroadcasting his message of hope to dead Canadians everywhere.”

Dec 11

Mayan Horror December 26th

“Let me introduce myself. I am Professor A. Jinkerson, PVC, MLB, DsT. I was very pleased to be asked to write the forward to this landmark book. As a trained catastrophysicist and the lead scientist at the Armageddon Lab here at the University of Southern British Columbia, I have dedicated my entire professional life to searching for a cure for cataclysms.”