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Apr 11

Today in Hystery April 9th

“On this day in 1912, the White Star ocean liner Titanic left Queenstown, Ireland bound for New York. The 46,000-ton ship featured four funnels; ten decks, three propellers and two people standing in the prow with their arms wide open, yelling.”

Mar 11

Today in Hystery March 17th

“On this day in 1858, in Toronto Ontario, a riot broke out during the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. One man was stabbed to death. This is why, if you live in Toronto, it’s much safer to go to the Santa Claus Parade. Leprechauns might like fighting, but elves wouldn’t dare.”

Feb 11

Today in Hystery February 5th

“On this day in 1922, Reader’s Digest magazine was first published. I know some people enjoy it but I only have negative feelings about Readers Digest. Maybe it’s because the only time I read it is just before going in for my prostate exam.”