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Mar 11

Today in Hystery March 3rd

On this day in 468, Saint Simplicius was elected as Pope to succeed Pope Hilarius. Now, who said the Catholic Church doesn’t have a sense of humour?
On this day in 1634, Boston’s first tavern opened. It was a great success. Patrons reportedly said they liked going to a place “where everybody knows your name”
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May 10

DXR Comedy Podcast for May 21st

Never have this many senate seats been on sale under one roof. Now, for the low, low price of $100,000 you, too, can own one of these highly coveted senate seats.

Apr 10

Podcast: April 23 2010

Political Hinterland Who’s Who returns, Garrison Keillor gets a visit from Joe Clark on Prairie Home Companion and Stephen Harper can’t focus ‘cause he’s watching hockey.

Mar 10

The Tory Years #2