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Jan 11

Today in Hystery January 6th

“On this day in 1898, the first telephone message from a submerged submarine took place. The call was placed by an engineer named Simon Lake. I believe his message was, “Hey! What’s up? It’s Simon. Yeah. I’m on a submarine! Yeah! We’re getting ready to take off so I thought I’d just give you a call from the submarine. Yeah!”

Jan 11

Today in Hystery January 4th

   On this day in 1642, King Charles the first, along with 400 soldiers attacked the English parliament. It was an unfair fight. The soldiers used their weapons; bows and arrows, swords and battle axes. The parliamentarians used their weapons; jeers, catcalls, procedural votes and general desk thumping. They were slaughtered.
   On this day in [...]