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Dec 12

The World Ends Tomorrow

—– Original Message —–
From: “John Edmond”
To: “Bob Robertson”
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 5:58:52 PM
Subject: Forwarding message from space
Hi Bob,
You may recall that we met when you did your reading in November ‘11 at Collected Works Bookstore in Ottawa (which, sadly, is closing Christmas Eve).
I got this message earlier today from my old friend Chris Hadfield, [...]

Dec 12

Only 9 Days ’til the World Ends

“Officials in the Netherworld went ballistic, according to an official of the Afterlife, speaking on condition of anonymity. It’s completely understandable that they would have blown their tops over this because, while it was easy for the Pope to just say, “Okay, people, there’s no Hell anymore”, it was everybody in the Sweet Hereafter who had to carry out the orders.”

Dec 12

Only 12 Days ’til the World Ends

“You’re off the hook if you have a toddler. There is no way a human with a vocabulary of “Da-da”, “poo-poo”, “pee-pee”, and “good girl” can comprehend the concept of tectonic lithosphere plates being massively overlain by either or both of two types of crustal material.”

Dec 12

Only 15 Days ’til the World Ends

“This just reinforces the point that this will not be the Christian God’s Armageddon because in order to make it a godly event, all 1300 of the Mayan gods would have to have gathered together and tried to get an agreement to wipe out the earth. Impossible. I know for example that Shitzaputzl, the god of profanity would never go along with it.”