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Dec 12

Only 16 Days ’til the World Ends

“Yes, I know Hitler tried to create a super race of Aryans but all he got was a stadium full of pasty-faced assholes with a superiority complex who could only raise one arm.”

Jul 12

Some Canadians Fearful of World Ending

A newly released Apto-Reeves survey reveals that ten percent of Canadians believe that the world will end when the Mayan Calendar stops on December 21st, 2012. The survey of 3 million Canadians across all demographics and including every ethnic group known to man shows that when asked, “When December 21st rolls around this year will [...]

May 12

Ten Percent of Canadians Believe the World Will End

“Anyway, the Diefenbunker would have totally protected Mr. Diefenbaker from any jowl-rattling blast. These days, deep down in the bowels of the bunker, under picturesque Carp, you can take a tour where you’ll see the Prime Minister’s suite including the Diefenbunkbed where Diefenbaker would have Diefendropped off to sleep after a hard day of Diefenbroadcasting his message of hope to dead Canadians everywhere.”

Mar 12

Mayan Horror March 23rd

272 days and counting until the end of the Mayan Calendar
Today’s quote from Bob Robertson’s book, “Mayan Horror: How to Survive to Survive the End of the world in 2012”
“One more important thing about the Mayans is that they weren’t a monotheistic society, which, for you those of you who didn’t get past grade 6, [...]