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Jun 10


Stephen Harper puts his spin on the Fake Lake, Laureen Harper stuffs G20 goody bags with John Baird and Michael Ignatieff gets cozy with Jack Layton!

May 10

DXR Podcast for May 28th 2010

Sarah Ferguson inspires a new Britcom, Jack and Rexella return to make dire predictions, Andy Rooney runs out of things to talk about, Jean Chretien speaks while his portrait hangs.

May 10

Podcast-May 7th 2010

The new president of Nigeria is Mr. Goodluck Jonathon, and in his cabinet is Mr. Best Wishes Wellington, Mr. Hard Lines Hubert, Mr. God Speed Godfrey and Mr. Bang-on Botsford.

May 10

Who Cares About Politics


I was chatting with a very nice fellow the other day and he was congratulating me on my website which features political satire and parody, and was amazed at how I have always been a writer and performer of political satire (which isn’t true, of course. For example I once prepared tasty meals for passengers [...]