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May 11


You may not be aware of this, but as a professionally licensed blogger, I have many responsibilities to the blog reading public. For example, all licensed bloggers have taken hundreds of hours of training in a course called ‘Rambling Verbosity on Mundanities’. This is where we learn to expound in a full and complete way on various topics that have a crucial affect on readers’ daily lives. Topics such as, “I had oatmeal for breakfast” or “My nostrils feel funny” or “Hmmm.”

Jan 11

Today in Hystery January 5th

“On this day in in 1930, Mao Tse-tung wrote his famous book entitled “A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire”. This was followed up by his next literary smash entitled “Always Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street” and to finish the trilogy, Mao wrote his final volume called “Never Take a Wooden Nickel.”

Dec 10

Podcast for Dec. 3 2010

Bob and Linda chat about various leaks, new human life forms and the always crucial Dukedom debate.

Nov 10

Smoking Loins of Desire Ep 57-My Other Boy

Double Exposure’s hilarious soap opera