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Sep 10

Podcast for September 3rd 2010

“The History of the Canadian Speaking Peoples”. Some Classic Double Exposure from a 1993 concert with the Vancouver Synphony Orchestra

Jul 10

Today in Hystery July 25th

“On this day in 1943, Benito Mussolini, the “Duce of Fascism” was deposed as leader of Italy and thrown in jail. Two years later he tried to escape from Italy but was captured by his countrymen, killed, then hung upside down outside a gas station. And we think we get ticked off with high gas prices.”

Jul 10

Today in Hystery July 22nd

“On this day in 1948, the people of Newfoundland voted to join Canada. This was a win-win situation for both sides. For Newfoundland, it meant they could share the riches of this vast country. For Canada it meant they finally got a sense of humour.”

Jul 10

Today in Hystery July 21st

“On this day in 1940, the Soviet Union, which was desperate to take over countries that ended in ‘ia’, took over Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. They had wanted to get Macadamia and take control of the World Nut Cartel, but the Hawaiians beat them to it.”