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Nov 11

Mayan Horror Daily Blog November 19th

And so…after a mighty fine night in Ottawa at Collected Works bookstore, it was off to Toronto today aboard VIA Rail. Here’s a photo at the Ottawa VIA Rail Station.

I don’t know what’s happening with my camera but on so many of the shots I take, this guy’s head keeps getting in the way…
Anyway, this [...]

Nov 11

Mayan Horror Daily Blog November 18th

“I can’t explain, though, how I developed that huge goiter on my neck. Maybe it was because the Harper government has ‘choked off’ debate this week.”

Nov 11

Mayan Horror Daily Blog November 17th

“…I look a little stunned I think. Maybe because I was starving. Westjet ran out of sandwiches so I had to settle for a can of beer and some Pringles, or…health food as some call it.”

Mar 11

Today in Hystery March 17th

“On this day in 1858, in Toronto Ontario, a riot broke out during the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. One man was stabbed to death. This is why, if you live in Toronto, it’s much safer to go to the Santa Claus Parade. Leprechauns might like fighting, but elves wouldn’t dare.”