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Feb 11

Today in Hystery February 22nd

“On this day in 1903, due to a drought, the U.S. side of Niagara Falls ran short of water. That would not be good luck for honeymooners would it, to be photographed standing next to Niagara Trickles?”

Jan 11

Today in Hystery January 31st

“On this day in 1950, U.S. President Truman publicly announced the development of the H-bomb. Now, this is a matter that confuses me. We all know about the A-Bomb in 1945, but then, 5 years later, they developed the H-Bomb. What happened to the B, the C, the D, the E, the F…okay, pardon me. We’re all very familiar with the F-Bomb.”

Jan 11

Today in Hystery January 25th

“If your birthday is January 25th, you share it with Scotland’s greatest poet, Robert Burns, who was born on this day in 1759. His birthday is celebrated every year on this date by people gathering together, getting hammered on Scotch and eating a sheep’s stomach. The evening of the 25th is absolutely fabulous. The morning of the 26th…not so fabulous.”

Jan 11

Today in Hystery January 3rd

“On this day in 1977, Apple Computers was incorporated…or should that read Apple Computers was iCorporated?”