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Feb 11

Today in Hystery February 19th

“On this day in 1878, Thomas Alva Edison patented the gramophone, which became the phonograph, which became the record player, which became extinct.”

Jan 11

Today in Hystery January 22nd

“On this day in 1946, U.S. president Harry Truman set up the Central Intelligence Agency. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting. Wait a minute! That was no fly!”

Jun 10


It’s not easy being a ‘royal’.  First, you have to learn how to do that wave. You know the one, where you can’t flap too much or too little, so you must land somewhere in between ‘I’ve slipped into a coma’ and ‘I’m being attacked by killer BEES!’  It’s tricky.  Then you also have to [...]

May 10

DXR Podcast for May 28th 2010

Sarah Ferguson inspires a new Britcom, Jack and Rexella return to make dire predictions, Andy Rooney runs out of things to talk about, Jean Chretien speaks while his portrait hangs.